A Painter Behind the Curtain (Korean, Audio Drama)

from Korea
Type: Audiovisual

📦 Preparation Time: 2 weeks

[ Component ]

  • Box
  • 64G Memory 2 in 1 USB & C-Pin
  • Booklet
  • Acrylic Stand
  • Clear Photocard Set
  • Bookmark
  • Fragrance Paper
  • Lenticular Card
  • Voice Actor Message Card
  • Wallpaper for PC / Mobile 


*Adult Only: No one under 18 allowed*

Author: Munamu

Language: Korean

Release Date: 2022.02.23

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elizabeth Ahn Carmichael
The most beautiful story presented in the most beautiful way…

This Audiotoon is absolutely amazing. It is so beautiful, and the manhwa being made into an audiotoon was so professionally done, that I seriously felt like I was watching a movie! I can’t believe how amazing it is. The best purchase ever! I am so over the moon! Thank you Koonbooks! Please let us now when there are any other audiotoons coming out!!!!

My Bank is Empty, but My Heart is Full

Buy it. Just buy it. Who cares if you don't have enough money. Just do what I did and use paypal to pay it off immediately then spend the next 6 months paying off your newly accumulated credit card debt. Yes, I am, at the same time, sobbing from pain over the losing a huge chunk of my savings & from the sheer joy of owning this collection.

Now, let's go item by item:

Merch box - Oooh, they put so much care into making this. It's lightweight while being similar to the size and cover-texture of a traditional bible from a church library. Which is great cuz everyone needs their own bible, right? So now, Painter Behind the Curtain is mine! :P Also, there's a magnetic clasp hidden inside, making a satisfying 'click' whenever closing the cover. If PBtC were an aesthetic packaged into a book, this is it.

Booklet - I encourage you to go to hire someone who can speak Korean so that they can translate this for you. I'm in the process of trying to find someone. :') But until then, I can enjoy the great little doodles which give some context to the text. THERE'S ALSO AN EXTRA LITTLE SOMETHING-SOMETHING IN THE THIRD-TO-LAST PAGE. The legit gasp of delight from my mouth when I turned to that page, oh my goodness.

Bookmark - Part of me wishes it was an image instead, but at the same time, I get why they went the route of a classic leather bookmark with a golden engraving of Raymond and Ian's name. It's just so fitting to the time period, tone of the art, both of their personalities, and the story itself. It's so fitting that part of me is guilty for planning to never use it, but I honestly can't bear if I ever lose it or get marks on it. ^^;;

Lenticular card - Frrrrriiiiccckkk, I wish I had the keychain of this. I missed the preorder date by a few weeks. A FEW WEEKS. But at least the lenticular card is able to heal some of that pain. It's so cute, I spent like...5 straight minutes just moving it back and forth. Do you know how cute it is to see Raymond with dog ears and tail? And Ian is the one to whom he gave his leash. My heart is so full ljsgoi;erjgio;esrjgoi;serjfoi;serjfoi;es

Perfume paper - Yoooooooooo. This. Smells. So. Good. It's soothing yet invigorating in an elegant way. This makes me imagine Ian's studio filled with paints and colorful canvases. Or Raymond smirking at poor Henry while holding Ian in his arms, making a statement of just who Ian belongs with. Make sure to have your own resealable cellophane to keep the smell fresh and paper design preserved!

Clear cards - *wheeze* Omg this was so funny you guys. Ian fawning over Raymond's sketch and even framing it on top of the fireplace--that just encapsulated 10 levels of cute right there. Not only that though, it was clever, the way the clear cards were introduced. Munamu didn't just give us the cards, they made sure to put a story behind it that could be universally understood without the need for translation. It was incredibly well-done.

Acrylic stand - My first acrylic stand! And it is such an honor to have my first one be of these two. My first stand means more to me than my "my first night" (cough). I love the route Munamu went when choosing the position and image of the stand. Raymond isn't just holding Ian here but clinging onto him, with Ian laying his hand on top of Raymond. There is this sense of resignation and desperation, which is a great allusion to episode 68.

USB - So I didn't watch the drama yet, but I did make sure it works and it does. It looks gorgeous and everyone involved in this project obviously worked hard on it, so I am ten times more honored to have it in my possession.
>>>>>Note! The USB will not work for all laptops. It didn't work with mine, so I had to first use my brother's desktop computer and was able to access the drama and wallpapers.
>>>>>Tip A! Buy a dedicated 64GB USB to transfer the files. This way, you can safekeep the original USB and use it as an emergency backup + access the files on your personal laptop if you don't have a computer.
>>>>>Tip B! All the files, including the drama, is in Korean and there are no English subs available. So make sure you've bought all the chapters for the English version on Tappytoon. That way, you can follow along there while watching the drama. EXCEPT FOR THE GAHDANG BONUS EPSIODE AT THE END. THAT'S AN EXTRA AND THERE ARE NO ENGLISH VERSIONS FOR IT. SO I GUESS I'M GONNA FIND SOMONE TO TRANSLATE THAT TOO. FKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Btw, I want to especially thank Koonbooks for their excellent customer service. Since I missed the pre-order dates, I messaged Koonbooks for future availability. They got back to me quickly and were super friendly when answering my questions. SO THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK AS WELL, KOONBOOKS. I LOVE YOU.